Kericho Thief Kills Himself For Fear Of Mob Attack

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Residents of Kimugul village, Kericho county were treated to a bizarre theft incident after a man who had broken into a house and stole KSh 84,000 opted to take his own life for fear of beaten by a mob.

The suspected burglar found himself between a rock and a hard place after irate villagers turned up in huge numbers and surrounded the house, an so he decided that it was better for to take his own life instead of waiting for the mob to ‘finish’him.

Kericho man steals KSh 84k, kills self for fear of being lynched

In a report by Citizen, the unidentified robber, upon learning of an impending beating from charged villagers manning the house took a rope and hanged himself. Confirming the bizarre incident, Kimugul location Chief William Sang said the robber broke into a house belonging to a business woman who was away in church and stole KSh 84,000.

“The child who had remained behind to herd the family cattle noticed that their house had been broken into and raised alarm attracting area residents who arrived immediately but the robber had locked himself inside the house.

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“When they gained access, they were shocked to find the man hanging on rafters with money stashed in his pockets,” said the area chief

The man could not be identified since he had no any documents that could help reveal his identity. The incident was reported at Chepseon Police Station who have launched investigations into the matter. The body of the deceased was transferred to Kericho District Hospital mortuary.

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