Damage control: Nicki Minaj hopes to make it up to disappointed French fans over canceled show

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s French fans are not to be messed with.

Nicki Minaj was scheduled to perform at the Arkea Arena in Bourdeaux, France this weekend. However, the concert was abruptly canceled due to the fact that the building did not have enough power to facilitate the show production. According to a post by ‘Super Bass’ singer, the decision to cancel the show fell squarely on the arena’s management and promoters due to technical difficulties.

Onika said, “It is not in my best interest not to perform, lose money and aggravate my fans. I love performing for my fans, I was more excited than you were for the show. These two cities had technical issues, they were cities that I had never been to before, and we tried to add them but they just didn’t have the power in the building to facilitate my show… And they didn’t tell us that until 3 hours to the show.” She concluded her statement saying “every artist has technical difficulties and has to cancel shows…but I hope I can make it up to you ”

Minaj received lots of backlash from her fans who were at the arena waiting for the ‘Barbie Tingz’ rapper to appear only to be told that the award-winning beauty would not be coming to the stage. According to Cosmopolitan, concert attendees wanted to make it clear that they were not having any of it. “Instead of taking it lying down, several people in the audience began chanting “Cardi B! Cardi B! Cardi B!” showing support for Nicki’s rival and making it clear that they were pissed.”

Nicki Minaj born Onika Tanya Maraj  is a Trinidad-born rapper from Queens New York. The 36-year-old rapper is a 10-time Grammy nominated act.

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