Utumishi Academy parents fear the safety of their children as video shows teachers brutality

A team of education officials rushed to a school in Gilgil today after a video of the students showing the bruises allegedly caused by their teachers went viral on social media.

Gilgil Sub-County Commissioner Ndambuki Mutheki said the Utumishi Academy principal denied that those are his students.

“I have seen the video but the principal insists this could be a ploy to discredit the institution,” said Mutheki.Sub-county Education Officer Eric Obiri said no parent had lodged any complaints in his office over the alleged beating.

He promised to follow up the matter with the school.A number of parents called for action to be taken against the teacher(s), claiming that it was not the first time that students from the national school had been injured.

The video recording shows students with what looks like whip marks, strips on their thighs, legs and bodies.One parent claimed that the students were beaten by a group of teachers over unclear reasons.

The parent said there was scanty information from the school, adding that efforts to have the minors taken to hospital were thwarted.

“One student managed to pass the beating information to his parent by sending the video and we were in turn told but we have failed to meet the students,” said the parent.

Contacted on the phone, school Principal Samuel Maina said he had seen the video, but no such incident had occurred in that institution.

“We have seen the video, which only shows the students’ legs but we can confirm that no such incident happened in this school,” said Maina.

Another parent said that the number of injured students could be higher and called for parents to be allowed to visit the school and get the real facts.

“This is not the first time that students in the public school have reported such incidents of corporal punishment and its time action was taken,” said the parent.

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