Ruto’s Biggest Problem is Not Corruption, It is Not Eating With Raila & Here is How He Can Go About it

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Ruto’s mistake is not the fact that he is corrupt. Ruto indeed is corrupt. He is as corrupt as anyone else in government. Ruto’s mistake is that he eats alone, and that he’s filled Harambee House Annex with Kalenjins only.

Listen, I’m friends with senior staffers at Capitol Hill and Orange House. And they are constantly complaining about the fact that there are no Luos in Ruto’s office. Luos who can eat as well.

If I were to advise Ruto, I’d tell him that solving his predicament is very easy. Let him seek audience with Raila. In that meeting, let him ask Raila to propose a list of people he (Ruto) can appoint to Senior Administrative positions in his office. Ruto’s sins will be washed away on that day.

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What I’m trying to say ladies and gentlemen is that we are being hoodwinked into thinking that this government is suddenly interested in fighting impunity. Jubilee was birthed on the foundation of impunity. In fact, impunity is it’s middle name.

When Raila decided to work with them, they became even more emboldened to continue entrenching this culture of impunity. This is high politics being played under the guise of fighting graft to determine who gets what in 2022.

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