Prophecy time: Another Man of God prophesies an assassination of a popular politician in Kenya.

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Barely a week after pastor ALPH LUKAU from South Africa claimed to have raised a man from death, another Popular South African pastor IAN NDLOVU has revealed a plot to assassinate a popular politician from one of East African countries.

He nevertheless declines to name the country claiming that God instructed him not to. Instead, the prophet elected to name four countries which he said the assassination will take place. He named Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Notably, according to the body language experts, the pastor confirms in affirmation that he means Kenya because his eyelashes gives him away when he mentions Kenya.

Experts have enough reasons to believe that the said kind of assassinations have only occurred in Kenya mostly by the mount Kenya Mafia. Only Kenya has such kind of history.

In the clip, the prophet states that the politician will be abducted by three men with a military training. They will therefore take him to an unknown place and murder him then dump his body somewhere to make people think he was murdered there.

Assume it were Kenya, who is the most likely victim?

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According to security analysts, the victim must be the enemy of the Mt. Kenya Mafia. It is only the Mt. Kenya Mafia who can eliminate you so that they retain power. In this case, there are two individuals who have given the Mt. Kenya mafia sleepless nights.

These are:
1 ) Deputy President William Ruto and
2) Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

However, the prophet warns those planning to be used to carry out the heinous act that they will also die.

The two leaders especially Nairobi governor Mike Sonko must be extra careful because he has beaten them in their own game. They have tried every trick in the books to try and make him succumb but he has managed to stay put. The Mt. Kenya Mafia have even tried to impose a Deputy on him but he has rejected the entire idea.

According to analysts, the people who can plan anything against Sonko are those whose candidature for Nairobi Deputy Governor he rejected.

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