Popular comedian confesses of struggles with alcoholism

Kenyan comedian, JB Masnduku has spoken up on how alcoholism cost him a lot in his life. He went through a three years battle to alcoholism, which even cost him his marriage to Tina Kaggia, his finances and a lucrative job at BBC.

He says; ”With many friends around me, we would go clubbing and drinking all night long. Not to mention spending nights in the hotels and sometimes in nightclubs.”

“Once I spent Sh1 million in 3 weeks.I hardly changed clothes or took a bath to the extent of smelling. I sourced for cheap liquor when I lost my job. Worse still my friends were nowhere to be seen. I had become the talk of the town and a disgrace to my family.”

When he realised that all was not well, he ran to Asumbi Treatment centre in Redhill for rehabilitation and counselling. He is not the only celebrity who has struggled with alcoholism as President Uhuru’s niece, Nana Gecaga also admitted that alcohol blocked her dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.

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