Police bust Kwale House used to train terrorist who claim they are ready for war

Image result for Images of lethal paraphernalia used to make explosives

Radicalization in Kenya moreso at the coast continues to worry the government as this is still going on despite investigations and condemnation of the activities that bring doom to the Nation once in a while.

It has been revealed that police in Ngombeni area,Kwale on Friday busted a house believed to be a training centre for alshabaab discovering terrorism assorted items.

Also recovered were black flags with white writings resembling the ones used by ISIS, al-Shabaab and Boko Haram terror militants.

Image result for Images of paraphernalia used to make explosives

The anti-terror officers who led the raid also recovered lethal paraphernalia used to make explosives.

“We believe these are teaching grounds for terror activities,” Kwale police boss Tom Odero told the reporters.

Odero said some of the writings in books had been translated in Swahili to read, ‘tuko tayari kwa vita’, loosely translates to ‘we are ready for war.’

Nobody was in the house during the raid but there were signs that the occupants left moments before the raid.

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