Husband Caught Pants Down with mistress wrestles wife and brothers and flees with the Mistress

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The wife caught her husband identified as Caleb Kase in the house while the mistress was on their matrimonial bed on Wednesday night in Mwangaza area, Tana River. The two were enjoying themselves on the assumption that the wife who works in Kilifi as a teacher will not be home until the weekend. The wife, however, learned of her husband’s activities and came early after finishing her work and caught the two in the house.

According to, the wife decided to lay a trap and came home on Wednesday evening but decided to stay at her parent’s home until late in the night. Hoping to catch her husband in the act, the woman went to their house at around 11 pm and knocked on the door.She then heard commotion in the house before her husband opened and started demanding to know where his wife had come from. 

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“You cannot tell me you came from Kilifi, to see your parents without informing me, you must have come to meet your boyfriend,” Mr Kase. The wife, however, went into the bedroom and asked Kase to remove his mistress under the bed since she might die. Kase while insulting his wife descended on her with blows and the mistress came out under the bed and fled.

The woman who was accompanied by his brothers was rescued and the husband was wrestled to the ground. On Thursday Morning elders from the couple’s families had gathered to settle the dispute but the husband left town with his mistress.

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