Harmonize reveals it’s not easy dating a foreigner

Being a public figure often brings many rewards, higher salary or more privileges, so these benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Some people have no regard for what other people may think of their personal life, so they don’t see that they are losing anything.

Bongo star Harmonize says dating his Italian girlfriend Sarah has come with challenges.

“Dating Sarah has not been easy because sometimes she has to persevere with my busy schedule,” Harmonize told Tanzanian media.

“I sleep at 5am every day, so sometimes she was always mad at me because I was not spending time with her.”

Harmonize crying

Harmonize said his relationship was affected by his work, and he decided to open a home studio so he could record from his house.

“It was still a problem because I put my equipment in the upstairs of our house and so I bought equipment and put it in the bedroom. She has really supported me in my music,” he said.

Asked if he is planning to wed Sarah, he said, “She has been a good wife to me; we are planning a wedding soon and I will be featuring her in my new EP video.”

Harmonize had been accused of cheating on Sarah several times. Early last month, Sarah took to social media to threaten a Kenyan woman, saying  she’ll look for her and give her a thorough beating.

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