Gunshots on Limuru Road as police go after wanted gang

Two men suspected to be in the most wanted gangsters list were gunned down on Limuru Road on Thursday.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, several weapons were recovered during the operation.

“A Glock Pistol, Czeska Phantom, Czeska Mini, more than 100 rounds of ammunition and Registration plates were confiscated,” the DCI said.

Two robbery suspects shot dead on Limuru road

Two other suspects reportedly escaped on foot after a fierce exchange of fire with the detectives.

Police are still searching for them after several robbery incidents targeting upmarket homes in the area.

Officers are said to have been trailing the tetrad who apparently only broke into homes whose owners were licensed firearm holders.

Their main intention was apparently to steal the firearms.

Police indicate that the suspects had been changing their trail since last year making it difficult for police to trace them.

However, on Thursday, the flying squad spotted them in a White Premio car and confronted them killing the two.

A manhunt for the other two who escaped is still ongoing.

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