Fuel crisis at JKIA slams other carriers with losses

Planes seeking to fuel at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport JKIA were from yesterday forced to seek for the commodity elsewhere.

The airport was hit by fuel shortage which forced carriers to look for the commodity elsewhere, at a higher cost.

At the neigbouring ports, fuel was selling as high as Sh30 more per unit than at JKIA.

Carriers which depend on JKIA for fuel expressed discontent over the shortage as it invited extra costs.

The national carrier Kenya Airways was however not hit by the shortage as there was fuel reserved for KQ planes.

The chair for Kenya Airways said adding that the strike by part of the aviation staff also extended the fuel reserves.

Jkia hopes to restock jet fuel by coming Sunday.

The current shortage of jet fuel at JKIA has seen our aircraft fuelling at the regional airports

said Astral Aviation commercial manager Mustwafa

The daily fuel consumption demand of 2.5 million litres could not match the current supply of 10 million litres against the new stock.

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