Fake Irish Pastrolist nabbed living here illegally

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An Irish national has found himself on the wrong side of the law after reportedly lying to the country before her entry from his nation.

Rory Bracket is said to have gotten into the nation through a tourist visa, with fresh details indicating that he has instead been engaging in pastoralism activities. He was on Thursday arraigned before Kisumu Resident Magistrate Linah Okoth to answer to the charges of contravening the dictates of how to get a visa.

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The latter was released in a Ksh100, 000 shillings bond.His application for the court to extend his stay in the nation was also rejected by the court which ruled that he was working in the nation illegally. The magistrate added that the court is in no place to extend the visa.

“The court has no jurisdiction to extend his Visa,” she was quoted by the Standard.

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