Desperate Mt Kenya hires ODM brains to finish Ruto

A section of Mt Kenya’s politicians who are in support of David Murathe’s popular opinion to have Ruto retire with President Uhuru when their second five year term ends has escalated the war by bringing the constitution brains on board.

After consultations with legal experts, Murathe now believes that it is highly viable and persuasive that the Deputy President may not contest for the office of the President upon the expiry of his two five-year terms.

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Murathe who had threatened to storm the supreme court to block Ruto’s presidential bid has now been advised to seek advice from the constitutional court before taking on the supreme court.

With Murathe already obtained a preliminary opinion from the lawyers who have told him that there is a highly viable and persuasive argument that the DP is barred from the 2022 race, his threat will prove the matter not laughing.

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Murathe’s lawyers argue that the DP exercised presidential powers and in fact did so from the President’s official office and with all the privileges, responsibilities and trappings of presidential power.

Under the previous Constitution as well the President could not be on his own. Murathe and his team further argue that article 148 ( 1 ) says the DP is elected into office by virtue of having been chosen as the President’s running mate during the presidential elections.

Politicians allied to the DP ruto have warned Jubilee from interfering with the DP Ruto’s race to statehouse and threatened as it will de-stabilize the party.

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