Why this hospital dossier may send Prophet Owuor to jail

A hospital test holds key to the fate of Prophet David Owuor when the report is released soon.

Jayne Muthoni, the woman whose multi-billion estate was occupied ‘by force’ the prophet has been taken to a hospital medical examination to determine whether the prophet used dangerous drugs to weaken her memory and will.

WELCOME HOME: Prophet Owuor receives a bouquet of flowers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when he arrived from his trip to DR Congo./FILE

Dr Owuor has been living a princely lifestyle financed through proceeds from the empire owned by a once-high-flying, fashionable lawyer-turned-pauper.

And on Thurday the ‘Mightiest Prophet’ will be asked to explain it.

He has been summoned to appear today at Kabete police station for questioning by the DCI about allegations that he fraudulently obtained properties owned by ex-lawyer Jayne Muthoni, 62.

According to documents obtained, the controversial prophet has a coterie of security, domestic workers and drivers who are pocketing millions of shillings monthly in salaries. Many work at his palatial Runda home, attesting to his sky’s-the-limit expenditures funded by brainwashed followers.

It was established that Owuor has been using collections from ex-influential lawyer Jayne Muthoni’s lavish Dove Court apartments to pay at least 15 aides in Runda.

The staff — drivers, guards, housekeepers and gatekeepers —earn a combined monthly salary of Sh1 million.

Owuor has three drivers, the most junior pocketing Sh70,000 a month, the most senior Sh100,000. He has two security officers in his compound, one earning Sh100,000, the other Sh70,000.

Owuor has four housekeepers, three of them taking home Sh52,000 each per month and one earning Sh20, 000. He pays each of his gatekeepers Sh50,000 per month each.

Besides the awesome salaries, Owuor also pays Sh15,000 to each gatekeeper per month. Other staff get Sh10,000 each for rent outside the posh home.

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