Uhuru lied to the Kikuyu community, say David Ndii

Controversial economist David Ndii now thinks that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s strong hold region Mount Kenya has absolutely nothing to celebrate him about.

Speaking in an interview with Tony Gachoka, he claimed that the Kikuyu community voted for Uhuru with expectations that he will help them but were totally dissapointed.

“I think what people are doing predominantly Kikuyu, is ascribing to Uhuru a mission he doesn’t have. He has a mission for himself, his family, his business and the people he strikes deals with,” Said Ndii

Ndii is know for being one of the biggest critic of President Kenyatta’s government.

His statement came a day after a fan suggested he should be the next finance cabinet secretary replacing Henry Rotich who is currently facing corruption allegations.

Rotich was grilled by the DCI at the DCI headquarters.

The DCI has claimed that he has now found enough evidence to press charges against him.

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