Raila’s proposed govt structure praised by ‘mshenzi’ MP who criticized Uhuru for anger issues

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In an expected twist Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has now declared support for Raila Odinga’s referendum push.

Ngunjiri who has been unhappy with Uhuru’s leadership in the recent past urged the president to tame his public anger and instead convene a meeting with Jubilee leaders to discuss what is wrong and how they can help him move the country in the right direction.

“Hasira ni ya nini…kila pahali umeenda ni hasira (What is the anger for… everywhere you go it’s rage)…what is the problem? You have powers, call us tomorrow and see if we will not come… but because you don’t want the truth, we could say that is why you don’t want to call us,” Ngunjiri lamented on March 3.

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In an interview on Radio Jambo on Wednesday evening, the lawmaker endorsed the push to revert the nation to the initial parliamentary governance system.

Ngunjiri said the system is the only way that the nation can to some extent slay the corruption dragon and bring accountability among Cabinet Secretaries.

“I support the push to have ministers appointed from the parliament because that way we can always be able to question them whenever suspicious activities are detected in their dockets,” said the firebrand parliamentarian.

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He noted that the current presidential system is frustrating the war against graft as the CSs are completely out of the reach of the legislative houses.

He said that current ministers have portrayed pride during grilling sessions, hiding behind the fact that they are only answerable to the president to dishonour summons.

“We want a system where when something is detected we are able to directly hold the minister accountable. The current ones are using the system to avoid answering questions,” he added.

Raila and his team are also pushing for the expansion of the executive which will see the reintroduction of the prime minister position and two deputies. 

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