New maximum spending of all arms of the government set by Parliament

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Kenyan legislators amid embezzlement scandals baffling the nation, on Wednesday rested on new expenditure limit for the three arms of the Government.

Under the leadership of Speaker Justin Muturi, the House, by a resolution, approved the Budget Policy Statement, and the Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy for FYs 2019/2020- 2021/2022.

Under the amendment, the House made a resolution to adjust the expenditure ceilings of each arm of government.

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In the new capping for Financial Year 2019/2020, Parliament will spend a maximum of Ksh39.501 billion.

The resolution also set Judiciary’s maximum at Ksh 18.937 billion and Executive with Ksh1,766.363 billion.

“Further, the House resolved that the total allocation to County Governments for FY 2019/2020 be capped at Ksh 371.6 billion as follows: The County Governments Equitable Share Ksh 310 billion, Leasing of Medical Equipment Ksh 6.2 Billion and Level 5 hospitals Ksh 4.326 billion,” the National Assembly communicated.

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