Funny #KOT hunt down Sonko’s Lion on social media (photos)

The lion statue erected by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko at the University Way roundabout has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans online.

Majority of Kenyans on Twitter said the statue is poorly sculptured and only serves to ridicule the city instead of beautifying it.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the lion on de haii-weii.

Image result for sonko's lion statue

Even the lion himself appears not convinced he’s a lion.

A flurry of memes, has now emerged on social media and Kenyans are not about to give Gorvernor Sonko any sleep!

As expected, people started poking fun of Sonko’s “rai-yon” with the funniest captioned photos on Twitter and Facebook. This Twitter user here decided to throw his spanner into the wax……..

@Kijana_Mkenya captioned his lion statue with his own version..( Sonko, we ordered for the lion of Judah, no the lion of Njudah!

Do you remember when Sonko appeared on JKL and said that him and Waititu hid ma-tiire in the socks and puff-puff passed in the parliament chooz? @dkwere insisted that someone check Sonko’s socks coz its seems that he was high like a kite when he approved the instalment of this “rai-yon.”

@PerpetuaAda noticed something peculiar with Sonko’s Lion and she had to pop the kweshon………a very curious kweshon

If you are a fun of the movie ‘Lion King’ you will relate with @caroline_gaita’s comment……’and Mufasa wept.’

Taunted about the poor decision of approving the statue..Sonko decided to dive into his Facebook account and defend his decision by writing this; “Jokes aside. Good Morning Kenyans especially the great people of the only city that has a National park, the 3rd best tourist destination in the world,”

For sure this latest installment in the city under the sun will continue to attract ridicule and conjecture and #KOT will not relent attacking it online. The question is, is this instalment here to stay?

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