Kimani Ngunjiri declares his support for ODM leader Raila Odinga

Controversial Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has declared his support for the referendum push.

While speaking in one of the radio stations, MP Ngujiri said,
“I support the push to have ministers appointed from the parliament because that way we can always be able to question them whenever suspicious activities are detected in their dockets,” said the firebrand parliamentarian. ”

He further added saying that the system is the only way that the nation can to some extent slay the corruption dragon and bring accountability among Cabinet Secretaries.

He noted that the current presidential system is frustrating the war against graft as the CSs are completely out of the reach of the legislative houses.

In addition Ngunjiri continued saying there is need for a system where someyhing is suspect the legislative house is able to hold the Minister accountable as the current ones are just a disappointment.

Raila and his team are also pushing for the expansion of the executive which will see the reintroduction of the prime minister position and two deputies. 

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