I will never accept any presidential appointment, Kimani Ngunjiri reveals

Controversial Member of Parliament for Bahati Constituency has expressed dissapointment in the government ministerial jobs.

During a radio interview Kimani Ngunjiri said that he will never accept a presidential appointment to head any of the cabinet positions.

In his statement he said, “I do not want and will never accept to be appointed to any position by either the president or any other authority. Even a ministerial position would be rejected.”

His remarks were based on the resent corruption scandals which have apparently been happening withing President Kenyatta’s ministries.

“I would rather be elected and fired by my own people when they feel I am not doing my job properly,” added the parliamentarian.

MP Ngunjiri has not been critising President Kenyatta way of heading the government as well as the handshake.

He recently accused the two leaders of diving the country saying they were the cause of the political divison based on tribe.

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