David Ndii reveals why Ruto’s boat must be sunk before 2022

In a candid interview Wednesday night, economist David Ndii has maintained that the ‘dynasties’ are plotting to sink DP Dr Ruto’s boat ahead of the 2022 elections.

The tough-talking Ndii also posed that Ruto will be forced to his knees should he run and lose.

Economist David Ndii on Wednesday spoke of how the “dynasties” were scared that if Deputy President William Ruto won the elections in 2022, he would destroy them.


Speaking in the political show, Point Blank, where he was hosted by commentator Tony Gachoka, Ndii talked about the fears in the “dynasty and hustler’s camps”.

He claimed that should Ruto succeed to become president, he may revenge against the establishments that have influenced the country’s politics since independence.

Bankrupted and jailed

He also remarked that if Ruto decided to run for the top seat, the dynasties would bankrupt him and send him to jail.

Tony Gachoka interviews Economist David Ndii on Point Blank
“They will destroy him if he runs and loses,” he stated.

More so, Ndii noted that the corruption purge could be a political ploy to destroy Ruto ahead of 2022 polls.

He likened the fight against graft that has been perceived to be targeting the DP and his allies to the biblical casting of demons by Jesus into pigs before they were drowned.

“Ruto and his people are the pigs. I am not saying that Ruto and his people have not done what they are accused of,” he stated.

Ndii, who worked as a strategist for Opposition leader Raila Odinga in the last elections added that Jubilee Party was bound to collapse before the next General Election.

“Jubilee was a house of convenience to fight the International Criminal Court, and since the ICC (cases are) no longer there, there is nothing to hold them anymore,” he noted.

Davidi Ndii on Point Blank
On reports that President Uhuru Kenyatta was being sabotaged by his officers in the war against corruption, Ndii claimed that the president was the author of his own problems.

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