Another Close Ally of William Ruto Leaves his camp: Joins Raila Odinga and his team!

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The plight of the Deputy President is as real as it gets.

Yet again, the dark shades of betrayal have come down to haunt VP Ruto after Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri desserted him as he showed support for Raila Odinga in the push for a referendum.

While conducting an interview with one of the local radio stations, Ngunjiri declared the push to return the nation back to a system of Parliamentary governance.

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He believes that reverting back to that system is one of the sure ways that the government can slay the dragon that is corruption and return accountability back to the Cabinet Secretaries.

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He noted that the current Presidential system in place has reduced the war on graft, stating that the CSs have had a certain air of pride while being grilled, hiding behind the fact that theya re only answerable to the President.

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