EXPOSED! Foreign Workers have Stolen sh 1.8 billion from Kenya Airways

Behind the simmering scandal of JKIA takeover is another scandal led by Kenya Airways (KQ) CEO Sebastian Mikosz and Chairman Michael Joseph, who have engineered a Ksh1.8 billion loot from the ‘pride of Africa’.

In the face of loss making, KQ has been turned into an airline taken hostage by a bunch of rogue white supremacists, leading to the loss of over Ksh1.8 billion in the last 18 months since Mikosz took over.

Unlike loss making in other business entities, the money ended up in people’s pockets, something that has crippled KQ.

Mikosz alone pockets Ksh8 million every month, as compared to his predecessor Mbuvi Ngunze, who only got a salary of Ksh3.5 million per month. In just 18 months, Mikosz has pocketed Ksh135 million from the cash strapped airliner.

On the other hand, former Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph earns a Ksh3 million salary a month as the board chair, ten times more than his predecessor who earned Ksh300,000 a month. In turn, he has earned Ksh54 million in the last 18 months. As if that is not enough, Joseph demanded a payment of Ksh18 million for unknown reasons, which he allegedly gave to his girlfriend.

Jan Vegt, the managing director for African Cargo pocketed Ksh72 million, Radj Sharmer (technical director) Ksh50.4 million, Ronald Luzzier (Head of Supplies – technical services) Ksh36 million and Diran Oloyada Ksh18 million.

Seven directors in the consultation and procurement department have pocketed a total of Ksh540 million in the last 18 months with other foreign directors receiving at least Ksh40 million in just one and half years of service.

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Catherine Kamau, the head of marketing receives Ksh1.3 million per month despite having no papers to qualify for the position. Sources indicate that she was hired without being subjected to any interview process.

The case has been different for Kenyan junior workers at the entity, who have been mistreated and trampled upon by Mikosz and Joseph. The duo has refused to complete the pending CBAs and are now recommending massive retrenchments. In place of sacked workers, the duo recommend outsourcing of both managerial posts, which might be another avenue to have more outsiders on board.

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