Babu to lead demonstration against JKIA takeover

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport takeover has uproared debate among various leaders.

The latest one Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who has now declared to start demonstrations to protest againg the airport take over.

While speaking at Speaking at JKIA the controversial MP termed the takeover as fraudulent and ill-timmed

“I am a member of the Public Investment Committee and we called the CEO of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Johny Andersen  to explain this takeover. This is a fraudulent takeover. “said Babu

In addition he said, “We shouldn’t allow as Kenyans. As a member of parliament I am in support of workers demonstrating, striking for their rights. This is an opportunity for the workers to ensure that the Jomo Kenyatta international Airport is not taken over.” 

His rtemarks came a day after a stand off by the Airport workers which led to the flights been directed to JKIA in Mombasa.

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