Avril explains how motherhood affected her music career

Kenyan Female artist Avril has shared with her fans on how motherhood affected her music career.

The mother of one is among the celebrated female artist and has been in the music scene for years.

The Singer says that for obvious reason, being a mother affected her music career because at some point she had to take some time off.

Avril says that with the nature of the entertainment/ music industry there is a great need to be visible and relevant at all times.

Taking a break meant being absent in the music scene for a while. Avril added that the ‘little’ absence can seemingly make people forget about you.

All the same the most important thing is the bounce back strategy and as her fan, I can say that she indeed had a good one.

Avril is currently hitting the music space and she recently released a collabo with a Congolese artist in a song dubbed ‘Kitoko’

A song that has received all the love and appreciation from her fans ans within a week it stands at over 150,000 views and still counting.

Avril however generally speaking about her motherhood journey says that despite it being tiring, it gives her so much joy and is indeed fulfilling.

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