Air Traffic Control (ATC) staff not part of the strike, KCAA

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport diverted KQ flights to JKIA Mombasa following the KAA staff demonstrations that were triggered by the JKIA Takeover.

However the KCAA has now assured passangers that the strike will not affect the Air Traffic Control Towers.

Planes dock at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. /FILE

In a statement KCAA director general Gilbert Kibe said Air Traffic Control (ATC) staff were not the part of the strike.

“Aircrafts ready for take-off and landing are expeditiously facilitated at all airports. The Kenya Airways flight to Amsterdam has boarded and been cleared for take-off,” Kibe said.

He said the backlog of delayed flights as a result of the strike will soon start to reduce.

The Kenya Aviation Workers Union (KAWU) had earlier claimed that ATC staff were part of their strike.

The court on Tuesday declared the strike illegal and urged KAWU officials to call if off pending an inter-party hearing on Friday.

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