A Look at Uhuru’s New Proactive and Prevention Measures to Curb Corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the war on corruption is not targeting any individual or community, but those robbing Kenyans the opportunity to build the nation with shared prosperity for all.

Speaking at the opening of the 6th annual Devolution Conference, Uhuru said his government has put in place proactive and prevention programmes as well as asset recovery plan to guard and recover stolen public resources.

He pledged his support to state agencies involved in war on corruption and called on the Judiciary to play its part to ensure justice is expedited.

He called on Kenyans to desist from creating barriers, hurdles and obstacles for state agencies involved and instead cooperate with them

He appealed to all the governors to join him in the war, say no to corruption and reign in on the corrupt in their respective governments with a shared renewed zeal.

He said during a summit with governors at Sagana state lodge, in Nyeri on Monday, they agreed to have a seating to dialogue on prudent use of taxpayers’ money so they can ensure the a good share of it benefit Kenyans.

He said it is unfortunate that 52 per cent of the country’s revenue goes to salaries, 30 per cent spent in recurrent expenditure while only 20 per cent goes to development.

He cited one county which he did not name saying it receives Sh 9billion in revenue, with Sh 6 billion being used to pay 6000 employees while only Sh 3 billion is directed to service delivery to over two million residents.

“There is also another county which spends Sh 600 million to oversight Sh 800 million. Now, does that makes sense?” posed the president.

“So yesterday together with my fellow leaders we agreed that there should be time for us to have a national conference on this issue for us to be able to come up with a clear guidelines and policy to tackle the issue.”

He said failure to do so, the leaders will not be doing justice to the people adding that all stakeholders should be involved in a bid to ensure most of the funds goes to development activities.

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