Why Kalenjins should not Defend Corrupt Henry Rotich

It is hard to fight corruption in Kenya because ones someone is arraigned in court, they will run back to their community to say ‘we are being targeted’

And just like that, the war against corruption will be lost. Politicians have a way of playing around with our emotions. The story is always different when they steal.

I have never seen someone share their loot with their tribe. And so it happens that Treasury CS Henry Rotich was summoned to appear before the DCI over the Arror and Kimwarer Dams Scandal.

Rotich approved the 21 billion shillings for the construction of the dams. This is despite the fact that experts had warned against the projects.

The CS also bought 300 acres of land near the construction site and is waiting to be compensated by the government.

So, has he shared any of this loot with the Kalenjin community?

I’m sure a group of fools from kalenjin community will today issue a statement over the grilling of CS Henry Rotich by detectives. You will hear them shouting their community is being targeted. then you wonder kwani hii pesa ikiibiwa upelekewa every kalenjin?
Tuachenge Ujinga.— Patrick Safari (@patricksafariR) March 5, 2019

It will be stupid for Kalenjin community to start issuing statements about Henry Rotich. If the CS stole, then he should face the music alone.

Leave the community out of this.

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