Uhuru applauds Anti-Graft Agencies at the 6th Devolution Conference

President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged all those who are criticizing anti-graft agencies terming them to be political based to desist from making such statements that will cost Kenyans a lot of cash in case the agencies are pulled by pressure from those who intend to defend those involved in corruption.

“Since the beginning of my second term, Kenyans have witnessed a more regressive and vibrant investigative and prosecuturio approach to slave the dragons of corruption and impunity. I want to once again make it clear that this is not a war against individuals or communities, it’s war against crime that robs us the opportunity to build a nation with shared prospering for all” Said Uhuru

The president while gracing at the 6th devolution conference that kicked off last Sunday Kirinyaga University in Kirinyaga County, the president urged all county governors to join him in supporting the anti-graft agencies that are proving seriousness in investigating matters regarding corruption in this country

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