The Dark Reality of Dating An Older Man: You will Be His Punching Bag!

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For years, we have known that Mampintsha has been using Babes Wodumo as his personal punching bag away from the prying eyes of the media.

Nevertheless, the two always released conflicting statements that made us question the credibility of the battering.

However, we saw firsthand the force that Mampintsha generates with every blow he lands on our beloved Babes!

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Jesus, even my mother never beat me like that when I was growing up!

Onto some dark humor; so that’s where Mampintsha has been getting that additional cardio to lose some extra pounds?

If you haven’t seen the video; folks, it’s heartbreaking. Especially the helpless wails that Babes lets out from every blow by Mampintsha. Heck, the sound of the slap reverberates all over the hotel room!

I just had to address the elephant in the room. Ladies, leave older men alone. Yes, they might treat you like a queen during the butterfly stage of the relationship.

But when the two of you come to an impasse, his traditional nature will resurface and he might rock you with a couple of slaps to ‘put you in line.’

This right here is a perfect example. That being said, I hope you will be okay Babes!

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