Tanga Tanga spanner boy exposes Uhuru in Ksh7.5 billion scandal

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Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has denied claims that he has been bribed by DP William Ruto to criticise President Uhuru Kenyatta’s development record in Central region.

Ngunjiri came guns blazing on Tuesday saying Kenyans are concerned about the selling of JKIA parking lot by Kenyatta’s family in london at a cost of 7.5 billion.

Bahati MP says Kenyans have been furthe been denied jobs in Nakuru county as petty jobs that poor peple can do and feed their families have been taken up by chinese.

And let the drama begin😂
This is an MP or should I say an MPig ?
Kimani Ngunjiri raising very very serious allegations here @UKenyatta pic.twitter.com/n5B4pFFGkb— SIALAH🇰🇪 (@nathansialah_) March 4, 2019

In his JKIA remark Kimani seeks questions on how JKIA parking was sold and now renting parking from the Royal Dutch Airlines KLM.

The Dam and JKIA airport both are scandals so both Dp Ruto and Uhuru are both thieves..neither of the two camps should be lecturing us about corruption.— Hakuna Matata (@Matoke_) March 4, 2019

Ngunjiri has revealed that the JKIA takeover row is almost being shut down by some MPs in Parliament. The takeover was closely linked to Kenyatta’s family. But Ngunjiri has vowed to continue exposing the rot and the plans even to the public barazas.

Ngunjiri said that Kenya airways has only 3 planes and the others belonged to individuals which is so shameful according to the Ruto ally MP.

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But in an expected tone, Kimani Ngunjiri has revealed that the land which the Queen of England allocated to Kenya Airways for parking of the planes in London has been sold off.

Ngunjiri has stated that the land was sold in 2016 under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s watch. Also he has revealed that Kenya Airways only has 3 planes the rest are owned by other companies. This is the main reason why KQ direct flights is failing according to Kimani Ngunjiri.

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