‘Report me to DCI’, President Kenyatta dares Oscar Sudi

A tough-speaking Kenyatta dismissed claims by Kapsaret lawmaker Oscar Sudi linking him to graft daring those with evidence to support the claims to report to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

In a quick rejoinder however, Sudi declined the invitation to file evidence against the President at DCI saying the agency was irredeemably compromised.

“Well,well, well said Mr. President, I agree with you that we must not address these issues in funerals, weddings or other public functions. But unfortunately, Uhuru is DCI and DCI is Uhuru,” he wrote in a brief online statement.

“Well, well, well said Mr. President, I agree with you that we must not address these issues in funerals, weddings or any other public functions. But unfortunately Uhuru is DCI and DCI is Uhuru” ~ Oscar Sudi Mp Kapseret responding to the President. pic.twitter.com/RhYjzLTuqZ— Benard Otieno (@HonBenard) March 5, 2019

In his remarks at the Sixth Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga on Tuesday, Kenyatta said the war on corruption was unstoppable emphasizing that no individual or community was being targeted.

“My government has taken bold steps to create a stable political environment against which our goodwill and support for good governance can flourish,” he said.

“Since the beginning of my second term, Kenyans have witnessed a more aggressive and vibrant investigative and prosecutorial approach to slay the dragon of corruption and impunity. This is war against the crime that robs us the opportunity to build a nation with shared prosperity for all,” Kenyatta stated.

He urged all Kenyans to support agencies tasked with leading the charge against corruption and desist from erecting obstacles that will impede the delivery of their mandates.

The Head of State said those accused of corruption are entitled to a fair hearing and will be given a chance to defend themselves in court.

Kenyatta warned politicians to stop hindering agencies prosecuting corruption cases.

“I expect all of us to desist from creating barriers hurdles and obstacles in the work of all State agencies involved   and in turn cooperate with them as they discharge their respective mandates,” he implored.

Kenyatta’s remarks come in the midst of a heated political debate on ongoing investigations into the alleged misappropriation of funds allocated for the construction of two dams in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

He assured that the government had put preemptive measures in place measure in place to protect public resources from plunder.

Sudi later responded through his twitter account and had some response:

Oscar Sudi stopped the Lifestyle Audit!
Oscar Sudi was the main agenda at the devolution conference! Oscar sudi silence hassan Joho
Oscar Sudi can stop reggae!
He will soon win Oscars for real life! @BenjiNdolo si Uyu Oscar n waya ya stima banah.— @itsfrancis (@AjjyJr) March 5, 2019

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