Man City owners set to purchase Indian club as City Football Group aims at expanding portfolio

City Football Group (CFG), the company that owns Manchester City, are considering buying a club in India, according to their chief executive Ferran Soriano.

CFG own New York City and Melbourne City as well as the Premier League club, and also have shares in four other sides around the world.

The group bought a share in Chinese team Sichuan Jiuniu just two weeks ago, and Soriano says they are now set to invest in India.

“We have some interest in some markets and countries where there is a genuine football passion and opportunities, like China, but also India,” said Soriano. “So there might be other opportunities in Asia.

Ferran Soriano is chief executive of Man City

“With all these developments, we have to be patient. We’ve been looking at India for nearly two years now. I’d say this year we’ll end up doing an investment in India.”

CFG was created in 2013 when New York City FC was purchased, becoming the second team under their ownership after Manchester City.

Investments in five other clubs have been made over the past six years, and Soriano believes there will be more to come.

He said: “As we see it now, there is a natural pace of growth that we will follow that takes us to more than seven teams, but not 100 teams.

“I cannot see 10 years ahead but the group might have two or three teams more. Is this going to change in five years and we’re going to have more? Maybe, [but] I don’t know that.

“But to complete the vision that we had six years ago, I think we will have maybe two or three clubs more.”

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