“Kenya Airways has only 3 airplanes” Kimani Ngujiri reveals

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How many airplanes do Kenya airways have? Well, it depends on who you ask. According to Bahati Mp, Kimani Ngujiri, he is sure Kenya Airways has only three ‘fleet’ of airplanes.

The Kenya Airways is believed to own 44 airplanes that fly to different destinations in Africa and globally.

Kenya Airways was established by the Kenyan Government on 22 January 1977, following the break-up of the East African Community and the consequent demise of East African Airways (EAA).On 4th February 1977, two Boeing 707-321s leased from Midland Airways inaugurated operations serving the Nairobi-Frankfurt–London route.

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The ‘ailing’ Kenya Airways is believed to be leasing 20 aeroplanes to add on their 20 fleet they own.

Ngujiri pointed out that Kenya Airways lease all the airplanes except the only 3 they have and that they sold its parking in London.

Is this a political controversy or something to go by?

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