House Help with no Identification leaves mum in anguish as she vanishes with her one year old son

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A woman from Naimasia in Ngong is looking for her one-year-old son who was allegedly stolen by a househelp on Saturday. Bancy Muthike on Tuesday said efforts by the police in Ngong to trace the domestic worker identified as Hannah Nyansorora have not yielded any fruits.

The mother said she had employed the househelp for only 21 days and had not taken her ID details because she did not have one. “I came back at around 4 pm and was shocked to find the door locked though I had cautioned the maid against leaving the house because I did not have a spare key,” she said.

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Bancy told the Star that she reported the matter at Ngong police station under OB number 21/3/3/2019 after the girl failed to return home. “After numerous efforts to reach her on the phone was futile, I reported at Ngong police station. I have not slept for four days,” she said.

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She said the police traced her mobile phone signal to Isinya but they have not been able to arrest the girl or find baby Emmanuel Wamwere. “Since Sunday, I have gone to Isinya countless times in search of my son,” she said.

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