HII NI KRIMINO!! See pastors who have duped Kenyans in the name of Faith

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Seeing as though humans look for some sort of leadership in everything, Religion falls into on of those where people find solace in.

Religion is the opium of the masses – so said the philosopher Karl Marx. Over the years, many Kenyans have fallen victim to schemes by less than honest ‘men of God’.

Some of the scandals include “miracle babies” and planting of seeds (contributing money) that leave followers broke.

From Pastor Kanyari to Bishop Deya, people thought their scandals would serve as a lesson to other fake pastors but they did not.

Below are a few pastors who have been caught up in scandals.

  1. Bishop Gilbert Deya
Pastor Deya

Bishop Deya is a Kenyan UK- based preacher who deceived people into believing he could make infertile women have miracle babies. Deya and his wife were accused of stealing babies and smuggling them to Britain.

2.Prophetesses Lucy Nduta

Prophetess Lucy Nduta, aka the HIV/AIDS healer, is the mother of prophet Victor Kanyari, the mastermin of the ‘Sh310’ plant a seed ministry.

Prophetess Lucy in church

The prophetess resorted to selling prayers to HIV/AIDS patients in exchange for receiving healing from the disease.She eventually landed in jail for deceiving her followers.

3.Prophet Owuor

Owuor preaching

Remember when Prophet David Owuor started his Repentance and Holiness ministry in the early 2000s in the streets of Nakuru Town? It was easy to dismiss him as a hungry man out to make out a living in the name of the gospel.

He ministered while sometimes wearing over-sized suits with no fashion flair, with a handful of half-interested bystanders giving him audience.

At one point, Owuor ran into trouble after reports emerged he was struggling to perform miracles in Nigeria. He claimed he would be killed in Jerusalem and (like Jesus Christ), would ascend to heaven after 3 days. Owuor also claimed a tsunami would hit Kenya if people did not repent. The earthquake never came.

Fast-forward to 2019, this man is now practically unrecognisable, his transformation is baffling.

Owuor performing a miracle

From his swanky suits, stylish cars and large entourage, Owuor now enjoys the very trappings of power that have traditionally been a preserve of a few people.

And whenever he lands for his annual healing ministries every end year, the busy street literally grinds to a standstill, as his caravan of magnificent vehicles blocks the street.

The source of his riches has however raised eyebrows on more than one occasion.

Prophet Owuor landing

Owuor is embroiled in a property tussle that involves a huge sum of money. He was involved in a vicious tussle with a family over the control and occupancy of Sh1.5 billion property in Nairobi.

A family claims he has forcibly seized the multi-storeyed apartments along the upscale Rhapta Road in Westlands and the leafy suburb of Riverside Drive.

4. Pastor Victor Kanyari

Whoever said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree was right because Kanyari seems to have learnt his tricks from his prophetess mother.

Pastor Kanyari

Kanyari is a self-proclaimed doctor and pastor who operates at Salvation Healing Ministry.

He was exposed in 2014 for selling fake mirRead moreacles to his flock for Sh310.

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