Echesa Finds a Soft Landing Spot as Fake Uhuru Comes to His Aid

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Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa is surely a man under some sort of stress right now.

Just imagine going to bed knowing very well that you have a job to wake up to the next day only to end up jobless the following day. This without any prior notice.

Well, as a normal humanbeing, you will probably start seeking for answers just like Rashid Echesa.

Echesa is seeking answers as to why he was unceremoniously sacked by President Kenyatta. According to him, he did nothing wrong to warrant the sack.

In the midst of all the raging storm, Echesa still has people he can call friends and one of them is Joseph Waswa. the fake President Kenyatta.

According to Waswa, Echesa is being unfairly targeted for being his friend.

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Addressing a press conference in Nairobi, Waswa said detectives probing his alleged involvement in a swindling racket that conned businessman Naushad Merali Sh10 million by mimicking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s voice, should desist from linking Echesa to his troubles.

Echesa served as Sports CS for slightly over a year having been appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta on January 26, last year.

According to  Waswa, if the government wanted to fire Echesa, they could have used a more serious reason rather than “fake allegation”.

“They have gone further to associate me with innocent Sports minister  Echesa sacking him on mere allegations that he is known to me and we speak on phone frequently,” said Waswa who was accompanied by his co-accused Isaac Wanyonyi and city lawyer Cliff Ombeta.

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