Another civil war looms in Algeria

Algerian anti-riot police

Algeria’s military boss on Tuesday swore to ensure the nation’s security following mass action against feeble President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s who is eyeing a fifth term

General Ahmed Gaid Salah scrutinized the individuals who he said wants to return the country to the “difficult years” of the 1992-2002 wars “amid which the Algerian individuals encountered all types of torment and paid an overwhelming cost.”

The military head of staff said in a discourse at a military foundation outside Algiers that the nation’s prosperity “in annihilating fear based oppression… hosts disappointed a few gatherings who are disturbed to see Algeria steady and safe.”

Algerians will keep on getting a charge out of “security and dependability” of which the military “will remain the underwriter”, the general, who is near President Bouteflika and thought about a standout amongst Algeria’s most dominant figures, said by an official transcript.

The military boss, who is agent guard serve, encouraged Algerians to be prepared to “erect a defense against anything that could open Algeria to flighty dangers”.

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