The Day Prophet Owuor abandoned one of his Bishops in hospital with accumulated bills


Miracles, signs and wonders, controversy and opulence. These are some of the things you will never miss whenever and wherever there is a discussion on one Prophet Owuor.

For a controversial man like Owuor who feeds on praises from his blind adherents, the public eye cannot be wished away from his back any soon.

The man claims to have resurrected a woman from West Pokot by the name Mama Rosa. He even managed to get a group of doctors to throw some little weight behind this hoax. He also claims to have raised a number of other people from the dead, including one Bishop Litunda, who allegedly came back to life from the dead several times, after prayers by Owuor.

The allegedly resurrected woman died and was buried a few weeks ago, something that Owuor and his loyal followers wish nobody mentions anything about. Well, miracles do happen, but on this one, Owuor bit more than he can chew.

Adolf Hitler must have inspired him. “Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually, people will believe it”, said the most powerful and notorious dictators of the 20th century.

And in a new twist of events, the same man known for preaching against opulence among the modern day preachers has turned out to be a digital hypocrite.  Prophet Owuor has turned out to be one of the extremely wealthy preachers.

What else do you call a man who can afford a 350 million mansion without hitting a  Mega Jackpot? Calling him poor would be a great insult to the much-admired path to stocks and bonds.

Apparently, one of Owuor’s most loyal Bishops got stuck at the Aga Khan hospital due to accrued medical expenses totaling more than Ksh. 2 million. According to the family, Bishop Margaret Mburu of Kitale was suffering from diabetic complications that affected her kidney and liver.

Bishop Margaret Mburu Medical Appeal
An appeal by the family and friends of Bishop Margaret Mburu to raise funds to offset her medical bills

Bishop Mburu has served for more than 15 years in Owuor’s ministry and has so far helped Owuor open more than 200 churches in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Her situation is real testimony that giving your loyalty to a person or a cause only to realize that your trust has been betrayed and your faith broken really hurts.

To a Church like Owuor’s, 2 million is not an amount that requires a Paybill to raise. If Owuor can afford the flashy motorcades, paid top-level security and a 350 million mansion, what is 2 million coins to someone who dedicated her life to serving him?

Owuor is ungrateful and cannot be trusted. He uses, dumps and lives on.

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