‘Raila is a castrated Traitor’

We all know the animosity between Raila Odinga and Miguna Miguna. Miguna, the self proclaimed NRM General has never hidden his hatred for the former Prime Minister.

But his latest utterances about the man he once campaigned for have left many people with their mouths wide open.

In a scathing attack on social media, Miguna said that Raila is a selfish castrated traitor.

Miguna is not happy that Raila is supporting Chris Karan for the Ugenya Constituency by elections.

On Sunday, Raila asked Ugenya residents not to betray him by voting candidates from other parties.

But Miguna thinks that Karan is a bumbling pumpkin who can offer nothing to the electorate.

“David Ochieng’ is an advocate and a young man who demonstrated his leadership abilities in conducting good debates in the National Assembly and utilized CDF ethically. But @RailaOdinga prefers Karan, a bumbling bumpkin. It’s about him; not the people. “

His sentiments received different reactions.

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