Politics takes center stage in the Inter-Icardi fiasco

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala ‘wants Mauro Icardi on the field’ in the derby and recommended Inter to ‘buy all of Atalanta’s squad to fix our problems’.

Icardi remains out of the first-team picture at Inter after being stripped of their captaincy and nursing an alleged knee injury.

“I want him on the field,” Sala told ANSA.

“I’m not very optimistic though. I’m a bit down about the whole thing.”

The politician then gave his beloved Beneamata some tips in the transfer market…

“Last night I saw Atalanta play and said ‘check this out’,” he added.

“Instead of imagining a transfer campaign with this or that player, let’s buy all of Atalanta’s squad to fix our problems.

“Either way, I’d like to see Icardi on the field.”

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