Anaambia nini watu?! Notiflow raises questions over drug abuse

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Aside from the usual women controversy culprits,
Natalie Florence Kutoto aka Notiflow also joins the list of those whose name is associated with scandal just as much as the next one.

The “Birthday Cake” rapper has had her name associated with scandal since she first rose to fame in 2013. In a cryptic post on social media posted up by the bar, she left many bewildered. The post which was posted on Sunday saw some of her followers hit back at the reckless comments and her choice of raunchy attire.

Users of the photo-sharing app questioned why she would make such a statement. Instagram user lovereignsdolly wrote  “Damn girl. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. ” 

Her outfit also came under attack as Anabraham15 reacted to her outfit commenting, “Really si hii ni biker……. ata kama ni trend ziii”

The rapper and former Nairobi Diaries actress has been relatively quiet, using her social media to share snippets of her life.

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Though it is not clear if Noti is looking to alcohol to sort through her issues, it is clear that the Kenyan beauty is relying on her friends to get her through a rough patch.

Noti Flow recently collaborated on the track “Vibe” featuring Qwiss launching a very raunchy video on YouTube in mid-February. The trap release sees Noti enter new territory in the Addi & Kashkeed production as part of the OWE album.

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