Police whisk away Deputy speaker & MCAs in Migori during impeachment chaos

Nominated MCA Esther Onana and the deputy Majority leader help a colleague who was caught up in chaos at the assembly last August. /MANUEL ODENY

Politicians have a way of representing us that will always shock the mwananchi who hold them in high regards.This is more so when they launch fierce fights for power.

There was chaos at Migori County Assembly when a meeting for ODM allied MCAs was disrupted by youths. 

A group known as “Sangwenya”, which is largely used to suppress dissent, stormed the venue and blocked all entry and exit points.

They threatened to deal with anyone planning to impeach Majority leader Malan Ogega.

Image result for images of Deputy Speaker George Omamba migori

Police intervened and whisked away Deputy Speaker George Omamba and seven MCAs to safety.

“We don’t think it is right for some individuals to feel that they can undermine the party by bringing youths to interfere with our activities,” Omamba told reporters after the Friday incident.

He spoke at Migori police station where he had gone to record a statement.

Omamba narrated how a similar incident happened 2017 when he said rowdy youths used two vehicles belonging to the county government to block the assembly’s gate. 

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