Find out how Hits not homework crew escaped getting fired by a whisker

According to the station’s programmes controller Michael Waithaka, Hits Not Homework crew; Anita Nderu, Tracy Wanjiru, DJ Jo Kisila and Anne Mwaura have not been fired by Capital FM.

The crew took over following the departure of Amina Abdi Rabar to The Trend.

Waithaka denied reports that the entire crew had been shown the door and clarified that they have instead been moved in a restructuring strategy by the station.

He explained that their one year contract with Capital One ended in January were shifted to other sections based on their strengths.

The programmes head added that Hits Not Homework show needed “direction.”

“Obviously those are just stories, how can Anne be fired from Hits Not Homework if she is not part of the show. She moved six months ago. Obviously, there is just restructuring; people moved to do different stuff based on their strengths and everything.

“So, the show just needed direction. They were on a one year contract from Capital One of which ended in January but that doesn’t mean that they are out of Capital. Because basically what was supposed to happen every year we had agreed on refreshing the show, we had targets.  No one has been fired, Anne moved to The Fuse, Tracy is on Saturday breakfast,” said Waithaka.

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