Are Kenyan men in Relationships turning into to sadist

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Why are parents up in arms when teacher discipline their children but are quiet when their daughters are battered by husbands? There are too many reports on the deaths of young women and men at the hands of their lovers and spouses. If this person who purports to love you so much can beat you black and blue, what should a person that hates you do?

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Violence is not and should never be the solution to any conflict. Even these wars that we send our young men to are all for naught. I am a pacifist. But since I cannot bring all wars to a stop overnight, let me at least try to put sense in the heads of people who show others how much they love them by the number of scars and broken bones they give them. A battered woman once narrated how her husband had beaten her until she broke her arm. Afterwards, he was so meek and apologetic, telling her how sorry he was for getting so angry and lashing out at her.

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She forgave him and went back home to him, only to be beaten again, until she lost consciousness. Her family had to intervene and remove her from that environment.

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