Should the government be lenient on corruption suspects to avoid Tribal clashes?

According to the county boss, intensified fight on corruption could divide members of Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities living in Rift Valley should influential politicians from the region get prosecuted.

“We should proceed together as one team even in the war against graft; we should exercise caution because our people are in Rift Valley and they could be disadvantaged if some of the communities’ influential people are victimised,” he said.

On their part, Uhuru and Raila asked Waititu to stop blackmailing the government and issuing threats adding some individuals have questionably amassed wealth within a short time.

“Waititu, you should not be intimidated and blackmailed. We won’t be cowed on such threats if we want to fight and eliminate corruption but we must remain steadfast and take the looters to jail where they deserve,” Raila said.

While dismissing the controversial Jubilee politician, the Head of State said he had cleansed all investigating agencies to track down corrupt state officers.

He also used the opportunity to urge the Judiciary to fast-track all graft cases before it.

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