Funny Reaction Over HELB Loan Fate Following Cabinet Reshuffle

Public and Private University graduates who have not paid HELB loan have been left wondering what next after the ministry of Education has been affected by cabinet reshuffling.

In an executive directive signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, will now be Education CS Amina Mohammed has been moved to the ministry of sports to replace Rashid Echesa. The ministry of education has been handed over to Prof. George Magogha

Outgoing education CS Amina Mohammed

The changes have triggered an uproar on social media where some people are happy that the HELB loan repayment threats have been subdued while t other group is uncertain of what would happen. people have used funny images to express the presence of mixed emotions over the same.

We don’t know how the new education CS will come in. will he continue threatening us or he will go slow on HELB loan?

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