‘Amina ako na mchezo wacha aende michezo’ and other KOT reactions on CS Amina’s new appointment

While President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday fired Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, replacing him with Education CS Amina Mohamed, there was little to no embrace of Amina’s new appointment by Kenyans on Twitter.

This, especially since CS Amina, whose entry into the Jubilee cabinet in 2013 as Foreign Affairs minister, was then moved to the Education ministry after Uhuru’s re-election in 2018.

While the Jubilee Government is barely halfway into its second term, CS Amina Mohamed has already been moved to the Sports ministry.

“Uhuru has consistently moved Amina from one ministry to the other despite not performing to the expectations why can’t she be relived off her duties or maybe be assigned lighter duties like being a board member in a parastatal body,” commented one Mandela Koyanda on Twitter.

“Must Amina be in the cabinet?” asked another.

Far from her rotation in different ministries Amina’s ability to perform at her new job has been questioned.

“While acknowledging how learned Amb. Amina Mohammed is, she will be an understudy on how not to take up a job which you are not professionally matched for,” commented one Franklin Mireri.

Others, on the other hand, sarcastically commented that Michezo (Sports) is the rightful docket for Amina because ‘ako na mchezo’ (she has jokes).

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