Wamalwa was Uhuru’s choice before ‘UhuRuto’ emerged, says Kutuny

‘Uhuru was set to unveil Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa as his running-mate, while Ruto had settled on former Ambassador to Tanzania Chirau Mwakere,’ says Cherangany MP Johua Kutuny.

But Mr Kutuny claimed he thwarted the plans by the two politicians to go separate ways at the last minute, even though he revealed that Ruto, who was then in the United Republican Party (URP) party was not for the idea.

He has opened the lid on behind-the-scenes machinations that resulted in President Kenyatta and Ruto deciding to work together.

On the eve of the day Uhuru had planned to fly to Bungoma to declare Wamalwa as his running-mate, Kutuny revealed that he personally managed to make him change his mind.

Ruto on the other hand, was already in Mombasa, where plans to name Mr Mwakere as his running-mate were complete.

“I personally thwarted the separate arrangements the two leaders had. I convinced Uhuru not to go to Bungoma. I insisted that he needed to have another meeting with Ruto,” the lawmaker said.

The legislator, who later fell out with Ruto after losing his seat in 2013 and was appointed political adviser by President Kenyatta in his first term, said that had the duo ran separately, they would have been floored by opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“We (technical committee) had to urgently come up with a formula,” said Kutuny.

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