Tragedy as 12 years old boy hits 2 year old girl to death

A family in Komarock has been left in sorrow after losing their last born baby girl of two years old. The girl was playing outside the house when she got hit by a fellow child with a car.

Derrick Wayodi narrates how he went to visit his neighbor in Komarock whose Standard Eight son was unwell. The 12-year-old boy had injured his arm when he fell from a mango tree. When he arrived, he found that the boy had just returned from hospital with his mother.

He says; ”The boy left us talking in the house. After about five minutes, I also decided to leave.” As he stepped outside, he heard screams. His stomach clenched when he saw the boy he had come to see running towards him.

When Wayodi asked him why he was running, he said he had accidentally hit his two-year-old daughter, Angel with a car. He ran towards the screams and came face to face with horror. His daughter lay motionless in a pool of her own blood.

A neighbor’s car arrived and took Angel to hospital. She was bleeding from the ears and mouth and had a fractured skull. She died while being attended to.

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